Mong-Hwa Flea Market Poster
Mong-Hwa has been loosely translated from Korean(in Chinese Charactor) to mean ‘drawing a dream’.
It has grown to mean a style that embodies a kind of simple charm and uniqueness. Something that is dreamlike  yet pleasing.
The poster is an advertisement for a flea market in Haman, South Korea. 
The look and feel of the poster is reflecting spring of Haman with Hairawn muhly(a.k.a. Pink muhly in Korea) and embodying the spirit of Mong-Hwa. 
Illustrations of flea market were used to create a market atmosphere but in pastel colours to highlight the light-hearted nature of the event. 
A1 Poster
Option 1 / Option 2
A4 Flyer
Seller / Organizer

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